About Sorrell Studio

Sorrell Studio is a 3D Computer Graphics Company specializing in Architectural Photo-Realistic Renderings and walkthrough videos for marketing and visualization. Markets include residential, commercial, retail and senior living communities.

Sorrell Studio is devoted to developing the best architectural illustrations and videos in the country at the most competitive price points. Each job is a new opportunity to push the boundaries of quality to the next level.

Company Philosophy

For any project to be successful, communication must be at its foundation. I want to push past all expectations, to deliver exciting and inspiring architectural illustrations that will help clients successfully market and visualize their projects. I’m dedicated to solving any problem along the way because I don’t feel like I’ve succeeded unless you’re completely satisfied with the final product.

About Josh Sorrell

The owner, Josh Sorrell, has been drafting, designing, and visualizing architecture for 17 years. A majority of that time has been devoted to senior living communities. Josh delivers something special to the world of 3D Architectural Rendering and Animation by utilizing his background in architecture, computer hardware, and computer software.

Josh is also a fine artist using oil or charcoal as the preferred medium. Creating representational artwork has enhanced his artistic eye for the architectural renderings and animations he passionately creates.

The main 3D programs used daily include Autodesk Revit, Autocad Architecture, 3ds Max, and Photoshop.


You are not going to find any other architectural rendering company in the United States that will give you a better price for the quality. The price can vary depending on many factors, so please contact me by phone or email anytime. I can give you a rough quote over the phone or an official quote in writing.


Time Estimate

It will take approximately 1 week per still image rendering. If your project requires more than 1 rendering, the total time estimated for each rendering will reduce. 5 renderings, for example, would take about 3 weeks to complete.
It will take roughly 2 weeks for a 10-20 second walkthrough animation. If your project requires multiple areas to be animated, the total time estimated for each 10-20 second walkthrough will reduce. 5 animations at 10-20 seconds each, for example, would take about 5 weeks to complete.